This video was created from shots I took in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania using the Nikon 1 V1 digital camera.

The camera is know for its burst mode feature that takes 30 continuous still images in one second.


I used Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 to create the video.

See below in the Downloads section for both the uncompressed AVI and a lossless video conversion equal to the original high quality of the individual JPEG files.

Audio Used

"Iggy Azalea - Black Widow (Official Instrumental)" (.m4a downloaded from ssyoutube.com)

Reading of The Declaration of Independence by Sentator John F. Kennedy (Public Domain)

"Everyday", by Jason Farnham, downloaded royalty-free from youtube.com.

"High Hopes", performed by Harry Kalas, and recorded on my cell phone at the end of Philadelphia Phillies game.


Please download the free
VLC media player
to play all the video files on your computer.

Motion JPEG FFmpeg conversion (averaging 160 megabits per second -- video MJPEG yuvj444p (1920x1080), audio straight lossless copy (raw PCM S16LE))

FFmpeg_MJPEG_conversion_yuvj444p_1920x1080.avi (6.5 GB)

All computers will be able to play this file.

Lossless FFmpeg conversion (video lossless yuvj444p (1920x1080), audio Vorbis)

FFmpeg_lossless_conversion_yuvj444p_1920x1080.mp4 (24.3 GB)

Most computers will be able to play this file without struggling.

Original uncompressed .avi file straight from Adobe Premiere Pro. (rawvideo bgr24 (1920x1080), audio raw PCM S16LE)

Coming soon: Premiere_Pro_uncompressed_1920x1080.avi (60.5 GB)

Some computers will struggle to play this file.
This is the file that was uploaded to both the Vimeo and YouTube sites.

Other Resolutions

Understand that the camera sensor only records per pixel the intensity of light for either red, green, or blue and interpolates the other color values.
(at a 3872 x 2592 yuvj422p JPEG resolution).

Motion JPEG FFmpeg conversion (3840x2160)

FFmpeg_MJPEG_conversion_yuvj444p_3840x2160.avi (18.2 GB)

Motion JPEG FFmpeg conversion (3872x2592)

FFmpeg_MJPEG_conversion_yuvj444p_3872x2592.avi (21.4 GB)

All original JPEG files from camera (includes others not used in video)

Camera JPEGs

These JPEGs are gradually being uploaded to the site.

Settings Used

Image quality: NEF (RAW) + JPEG fine
Image size: 3872 x 2592
Shutter type: Electronic (Hi) 30 fps
White balance: Auto (A-B 0 G-M 0)
Picture Control: Neutral (Sharpening 2, Contrast 0 Brightness 0 Saturation 0 Hue 0)
Color space: sRGB
Active D-Lighting: Off
High ISO noise reduction: Off
Vibration reduction: Active
AF-area mode: Auto-area
Face-priority AF: Off
Built-in AF assist: Off
I purchased this camera for $250 refurbished from Adorama online on June 30, 2014.
Multiple copies of Iggy Azalea's "Black Widow" (original and multiple instrumentals) were purchased from Apple iTunes.
Instrumental versions were not exact match of original song hence the necessity to download YouTube version.

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